Dear board members of JIN and Sakura,

I hope you are all doing well.

I would like to let you know about our Info Day.

We are now planning "Info Day" on 13 April, Saturday in Spijkenisse.

Will you please send this information to your organization members at your earliest convenience?

We are still working on the program and the invitation, but it is going be like following:

13:00 zaal open

13:15 welcome and greeting by Kaori

13:30 lecture by Aya (on repartriation or Indish women who went to Japan after the war, or other subject; exact theme will be announced later) this is for everyone who is interested.

14:00 pause

14:10 session in small groups (update on the search development, making plan for strategic search etc) this is mostly for the search clients.


Miyuki Okuyama