George Takei over de internering


George Takei over de internering

by Indisch4ever

georgetakeiGeorge Takei:        I was only a small child in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. But I still remember the gleam of rifle bayonets as two soldiers marched up our driveway and banged on our door, ordering us out of our Los Angeles home. I remember my mother’s tears as she tried to stay strong, even as we took only what we could carry. They herded us like cattle onto trains and shipped us over a thousand miles away to the swamps of Arkansas.
We lost everything: homes, businesses, savings, even beloved family pets. We languished for years behind barbed wire fences as prisoners held without charge, trial, or due process, all for the “crime” of looking like the enemy. It was an injustice of staggering proportions.